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Please order after you read all the FAQ:

What kind of product are you making?

We are making silicone rubber figures. They are similar to wax figures, but better than them.

What kind of figure you can make?
We can make the figure of ANY PERSON in the world. What you do is give us some photos of him/her, we will give you the figure just look like him/her.

How long does it take to make one or a group of figures.
It will take 2-4 months to make one or a group of figures. Because we have more than 50 artists, We can make even 100 figures in the same time.

How is your institute?
Our institute have been established for 23 years, which is the biggest unit in making silicone rubber figures in China. We have around 100 employees and we are specialized and focused in making silicone rubber figures.

How many classes and types of figures do you make?
We have 3 classes of figures: A B C.  A is very good. B is good. C is common.
We have 2 types of figures. SIMULATE TYPE means the figures are very simulate to a specific person. CASUAL TYPE means the figures are not simulate to anyone.

Can I order just a head of a figure?
Yes, you can. We understand the head is the core value of a figure. Just order a head will be a good way to save your cost of transportation.

How much is your figures?
Our price will be different depend on order numbers.

CLASS AND TYPE 1 to 10 10 to 50   50+
A-SIMULATE 8300 7500 6670
B-SIMULATE 6000 5400 4800
C-SIMULATE 4500 4050 3600
A-CASUAL 6700 6000 5300
B-CASUAL 5200 4650 4160
C-CASUAL 3800 3420 3040

The price is EX WORKS PRICE. The currency unit is USD.

If you want heads only, the price will be 20% off.

How to order?

If you like to order, please contact


whatsapp: +8615389226502


Also you can call +8615389226502 if in emergency.