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Xi'an Superman Sculpture awarded China's top ten famous enterprises

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July 25, 2015, by the China Sculpture Committee and the "sculpture" magazine co-sponsored the "2014 Chinese enterprises and China's famous sculpture 20 sculpture companies awarding ceremony" was held in Beijing's Chaoyang District, the quintessence Court. Xi'an Superman Sculpture Institute, after 2011, 2012, 2013 three times won the China Sculpture enterprises honorary title 20, was promoted to "Chinese enterprises famous sculpture" (Review of the national total of 10).

Lots of master gathered in the ceremony, honorary president of China Society of sculpture, the famous sculptor Mr. Cao Chunsheng, deputy secretary general of China Light Industry Federation, Mr. Chen Jianguo, vice president of the Association of Asian decorative copper, "sculpture" magazine, proprieter Fan Weimin, Chinese education Institute of Arts and Education Committee, vice chairman, former vice president of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts Mr. Lu Xinhua, Chinese arts and crafts masters, president of the China Arts and crafts Society metal Arts Committee, Mr. Wang Shuwen, Vice-chairman of China Federation of Folk Literature and Art Association, Mr. Zhang Chang, President of the Council Chinese artists Mr. Zhao Fang attended the ceremony and personally for the winners were awarded certificates and medals.

In three consecutive years won the China Sculpture 20 companies and among the "Top Ten Chinese enterprises famous sculpture," the occasion, President of the Xi'an Superman Sculpture Institute Zou Ren Ti said: "On the corporate physique and value, than those Xi'an Superman Sculpture of Creation sculpture business is much smaller, but the silica gel is China Xi'an Superman sculpture pioneer and leading brands, this honor is to superman Xi'an affirmation and recognition, but also the encouragement and motivation. Xi'an Superman will continue to work, uphold excellence Zhiyuzhishan artistic ideas and create more high-realism really works like silicon and silicon like art and high-tech combination of better and more developed high simulation robot, live industry peers and the community's recognition and look forward to . "

At present, Xi'an Superman has authored more than 4,000 square statue high silicon true realist works like the world more than 400 cultural, tourism units. Their works are really high realist sculptural techniques completion of its creation, which is far higher than traditional artistic wax and fiberglass sculpture, it works more realistic and realism. They are more inventive, modern high-tech robotics and silicon as the art of combining to create a "China's first blood, and flesh of high simulation robot" "Zou Ren Ti" was "named 2006 Best Inventions Time" magazine. In 2010, the Shanghai World Expo, high simulation robot "Tang emperor and Yang" stunning four, popularity index among the top three. 2011 CCTV Lantern Festival party, high simulation robot "Li Yong 2" and Zhou Tao, Li Yong chaired the same stage, and set off a wave of robot in the country.

Zou Ren Ti Dean description: "the near future, China will be the world's largest robot consumer market, Xi'an Superman simulation robot will be further integration of sculpture art and high-tech achievements, developed a vivid like a real domestic service robots to adapt to aging of the needs of society ...... "