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Superman News: The “Substitute” for India Premier Modi in Xi’An Qu Jiangchi Park Causes Sensation

2015/6/29      Hits:

Superman news: From day on May.14th,Modi began to visit China after he has became the premier of India, on the right day Modi visited president Xi JinPing’s hometown, Xi’An. Surprisingly, during Modi’s trip in Xi’An, there were two “Modis ”appeared in front of the public, silicone rubber statue & wax figure of “Modi”, It is difficult to tell whether they are authentic or fake.  

Hello, premier Modi, welcome to Xi’An. Today, India premier Modi visited Xi’An, and the passionate citizens in Xi’An surprisingly found that a high-quality and bright-eyed guest, the statue of India premier Modi, was standing in Qu JiangChi part. Actually, it was a high-simulated silicone rubber statue carefully manufactured by artists of Xi’An Superman Sculpture Research Institute. The people with advanced years recognized him quickly after “Modi”appeared at once, they said that: ”Is it real or fake? He would visit the Terracotta Warriors and Great Wild Goose Pagoda with Xi Jinping, would not him? What brings him Qu Jiangchi park? Can I take a photo with him? It is great, who did this? It was awesome. Let me take a photo with him and send it to my WeChat, I am with Modi.”. In a short time, this site was surrounded by crowed people, they touched and watched and were shocked by the quality. Furthermore, many reporters from ShaanXi TV Station, Chinese Business View, Xi’An Evening News and Xi’An Daily were attracted by the news and came to the park to cover news. “Premier Modi”was the hot topic of Xi’An today. A tourist from DingBian excitedly said that:”It is a lucky day, I never hope that I can meet India premier here. ”.