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8.Chinese in Seattle Celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC; "The Father of Chinese high-simulated robot" attends the party

2015/6/29      Hits:
At night of Sept.18th, in America, a grand banquet was held in Seattle’s Maiden Castle Center Theater. Seattle Chinese Community celebrities from all walks of life gathered together to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The party was not only for Chinese in America, but also for some other celebrities such as Bradowen, the vice governor of Washington State, Song Ruan , the vice consul general of Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, the consul Guan Haiqiang and the Education counsellor Yang Jun. It was particularly worth mentioning here that the the former consul general in San Francisco, Gao Gusheng, also made a special trip from Beijing to attend the celebration. 

This enthusiastic and encouraging party was started in the two countries’ magnificent national anthem. The header of Seattle Kanon Art Troupe Wu Xiaoming announced the beginning of the party, and the leader of overseas Chinese Community in Seattle Chen Qiuchang, Washington state deputy governor Bradowen, vice consul general Song Ruan made a speech successively. They all wish China will be more prosperous, the friendship between China and America and the world peace. After reception, Guangzhou Dance Theater and other seven arts groups showed a wonderful performance together with Seattle Kanon Group, Seattle Chinese Orchestra. Zheng performance and folk song singing won the applause of the guests for their Chinese characteristics.

The chairman of Xi’An Superman Sculpture Research Institute, Zou Renti was invited to attend this grand meeting. This 76 - year - old man was honoured as the "the father of Chinese high-simulated robot" and " the first man of Chinese simulated silicon statue".He not only created a artistic school of high-simulated realism for silicone rubber statue, but also expanded a new industry in the field of Chinese cultural exhibition and outlined a piece of magnificent art at the Chinese museum tourism industry. 

At this party of celebrating the 65th year of founding China, Zou Renti, vice governor Bradowen and deputy consul general Song Ruan held a close communication and took a group photo. Zou said: "Today is the first time I experience the United States and China national anthem singing together, and the Stars and Stripes and the Five-Starred Red Flag raised at the same time. It is a wonderful feeling, even makes me excited. If the two countries are as equal, friendly and mutual benefit as the General Secretary Xi Jinping said, it will be a great honor for both Chinese and American people. It is also a great fortune for the people all over the world. Let's pray peace together forever”.

At the night of 18th, Zhang Xinyue, a journalist of Overseas Chinese, interviewed Zou Renti, who hoped that Chinese silicone art to be understanding around the world, and Super Old Fellow Silicon Rubber Statue Museum, which might be on the same level with Madame Tussaud Museum or even overtook it, could bloom everyone all over the world.