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Xi'an silicon as the Museum attracted over old Chinese-American children

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The photo for Mao Zedong’s silicone sculpture and Chinese-American The children’s Summer vacation began. 

    On July 14, 2015 morning, the Chinese-American children from Seattle and his party, about 30 people,in a guided visit to Xi'an Chao lao tou silicone statue museum. one hand it can rich children's summer life, on the other hand, it can popularize the cognition of hyperrealism sculpturet. These children ages are between 9-15 years old. Their age are small, but the sculpture of cognitive ability is still very strong.

     Although the weather is pretty hot, but the kids like to visit the Museum with enthusiasm. The visits not only provide the childrena relaxed and cheerful learning platform to have personal contact with silica gel image but also to develop the children's horizons and increase extracurricular knowledge and cultivate a sense of art-loving children.

    Walking into the hall, children everywhere, full of joy and curiosity and admiration:. How lifelike it is! Jingle teacher shows like silica production process for the children as well explain the history of the invention of

silicone and led children learn as silica and wax was different.

    This visit has a deep impression in the children’s mind. And it will be a base for them to devote to the sculpture arts in the future.

     In recent years, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, the US "Time" magazine, CNN, ABC, AFP, Reuters Xi'an Superman had to be widely reported. Sculpture in the industry, but also the formation of a "wax look Medusa,

silicon like watching Superman" consensus.

     Xi'an Superman Sculpture Research Institute (wax) silica production as a "First Chinese person in silicone sculpture" and "the father of high imitation robot" in the world, annually producing hundreds of statue like silica, twenty years, "Jobs" "Mandela", "George Clooney" and more than 4000 have been collected as silicon simulation and abroad more than 400 museums, monuments, won high praise from various circles at home 

And abroad.